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Today I’ve decided to start posting more on my blog and somewhat be consistent. Here I will post images I’ve produced from Photoshoots, Projects, Editorials, BTS, some of my art and so forth.  This rose was purchased for a studio shoot I did in February of 2019. After the shoot was over and done I decided to place the rose inside a wine bottle on the backdrop and continue shooting. I chose to make it black in white in order to show more detail and for it to be less distracting. I may post the color version at some point.

CHANNELING TWIGGY for Salyse Magazine March 2018

This was definitely a big surprise for my team and I. For me not only is this the second time being published, but its the first time having work on a cover! The story behind the is shoot was mainly between the model featured, Jennifer Linke and I.  We first met back in 2014 at the Lizzy London fashion show in Virginia Beach, Virginia,  At that time we were both pretty much starting out. Her with modeling and me with slowly becoming a fashion photographer from doing events and starting to learn the in’s and out’s. After our first shoot we had a conversation from me asking what would be her most inspirational shoot to possibly be in. She named the 60’s Fashion Icon Twiggy! As the years past both of us progressed in our own crafts. Fast forward 2017 and she gave me heads up that she would be visiting the area pretty soon. I figured this would be a great time to put together the Twiggy inspiration shoot.  I first reached out to the Fashion Stylist Brandon Lee a.k.a. Mr. Blee with the concept. I didn’t even have a chance to show him picture inspo before he said “I’ll do it!” A little after he confirmed the clothing was ready I then reached out to the Professional Makeup Artist Victoria Dixon for her expertise. With her excitement of doing a retro look she was intrigued to be apart of the concept. Next up was the Hair Artist and Hair Stylist Hadney Alexander. With her hair mastery I knew she would definitely do and excellent job.  With the assistance of my good friend  and Fashion photographer Lo Garcia we were all able to put together a great shoot!  It goes to show that an editorial being a lot of work can definitely pay off. Feel free to enjoy the work and Let’s see what the rest of 2018 brings. 

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Makeup Artist: 




Hannah and Carnations

 A few weeks ago I was able to do a flower concept shoot with the idea coming from the Makeup Artist Energi Loagan. I had previously reached out to him prior to this shoot mentioning if at any point he wanted to create something together I would be all for it. He then sent me some ideas a few days later.  I sent him some model choices and we decided on the model Hannah Harrelson from Kingsley Model + Talent Management based out of the D.C. area. To add some more to the inspiration we contacted Hadney Alexander for the hair styling.  

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Hannah Harrelson instagram: @hannahharrelson

Makeup Artist

Energi Loagan instagram: @3nergi

Hair Stylist

Hadney Alexander instagram: @hadneyhairartist


Kingsley Model + Talent Management

François and Rachel’s Power Hour

It was a rush having a extraordinary opportunity to have a spontaneous improve shoot with the talented Rachel Sykes. Which started of with me having to reschedule another model for canceling on me turn into a precinct chance of working with a high pace friend through social media. Rachel, visiting here in Virginia from NY, reach out to me through social media asking if I had time for a shoot right now. Now considering I had thought I had plans for a consultation for another upcoming, that ended up being cancelled. Her timing was perfect. She gave me the location and when we met we put in work.
Rachel’s energy behind the camera and connection was amazing. In just under an hour we created some great shots and I can’t wait to finish them all and show the outcome. Look out for more work from our future collaborations.

“To achieve something, you need a plan and not enough time”. - Leonard Bernstein

Model: Rachel Sykes
Instagram: @Gingie_snaps
Twitter: @gingiemajestic

Cruelty Free Kitchen Vegan Brunch

Cruelty Free Kitchen is a “pop-up” vegan café serving the entire Hampton Roads region of Virginia. Cruelty Free Kitchen held their first event, a Vegan Brunch, which held this past Saturday September 27, 2014
On the Menu was Tofu “Eggs” Benedict, Roasted Root Vegetables and Peanut Butter & Jelly STUFFED French Toast with Strawberry Syrup and Caramelized Bananas.
Their meals were 100% donation based with proceeds going towards their Animal Rights Organization of the Month, Farm Sanctuary ( Everything was so Delicious!

Meet C.Mae Jones, the founder and chef at Cruelty Free Kitchen. C.Mae first went vegetarian when she was 14 years old, but struggled with the decision on and off for years before she finally became vegan. Like most people trying to go vegetarian or vegan, she didn’t know which foods to eat or how to cook for herself. This in part has inspired her to become the creative cook she is today.

You can contact C.Mae at

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