François and Rachel’s Power Hour

It was a rush having a extraordinary opportunity to have a spontaneous improve shoot with the talented Rachel Sykes. Which started of with me having to reschedule another model for canceling on me turn into a precinct chance of working with a high pace friend through social media. Rachel, visiting here in Virginia from NY, reach out to me through social media asking if I had time for a shoot right now. Now considering I had thought I had plans for a consultation for another upcoming, that ended up being cancelled. Her timing was perfect. She gave me the location and when we met we put in work.
Rachel’s energy behind the camera and connection was amazing. In just under an hour we created some great shots and I can’t wait to finish them all and show the outcome. Look out for more work from our future collaborations.

“To achieve something, you need a plan and not enough time”. - Leonard Bernstein

Model: Rachel Sykes
Instagram: @Gingie_snaps
Twitter: @gingiemajestic

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