Hannah and Carnations

 A few weeks ago I was able to do a flower concept shoot with the idea coming from the Makeup Artist Energi Loagan. I had previously reached out to him prior to this shoot mentioning if at any point he wanted to create something together I would be all for it. He then sent me some ideas a few days later.  I sent him some model choices and we decided on the model Hannah Harrelson from Kingsley Model + Talent Management based out of the D.C. area. To add some more to the inspiration we contacted Hadney Alexander for the hair styling.  

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Hannah Harrelson instagram: @hannahharrelson

Makeup Artist

Energi Loagan instagram: @3nergi

Hair Stylist

Hadney Alexander instagram: @hadneyhairartist


Kingsley Model + Talent Management www.kingsleymanagement.com

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